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Histology Careers: Job Seeking in the Lab: Episode 2: ACL Laboratories Wisconsin

April 22, 2018

Episode Title: ACL Laboratories-Wisconsin

Featuring: Janet McKnight

Janet’s Advice for Becoming a Histologist: “I would recommend becoming a lab assistant, we have seen so much success learning that foundation as a lab assistant at the ground level, so they understand what the work would be, so they’re not investing that time in a school before they really know what they want to be.”

Episode Description: In this episode, Janet McKnight, the Director of Anatomic Pathology for Wisconsin ACL Laboratories, discusses how ACL’s training practices have helped them keep their lab staffed, while so many suffer shortages. ACL has been lucky enough to have their own histology school, which has helped them grow their lab assistants into full time histotechs, through the school’s one-year program.

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