S/C Learning Snippets - Proximity Ligation Assays – Merging Molecular with Immunohistochemistry (WS28)

July 19, 2017

Workshop Title: Proximity Ligation Assays – Merging Molecular with Immunohistochemistry

Presenters: Kenneth Kao

Interviewer: Traci DeGeer

Best Interview One-Liner: "A supercharged immunohistochemistry assay..."

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S/C Learning Snippets - Proficiency Testing in the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory (WS76)

June 28, 2017

Workshop Title: Proficiency Testing in the Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

Presenters: Jeremy Johnston

Interviewer: Kathy Dwyer

Best Interview One-Liner: "You really don't know what you don't know..."

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S/C Learning Snippets - Standardization Across Multiple Sites (WS106)

June 21, 2017

Workshop Title: Standardization Across Multiple Sites

Presenters: Melissa Zummak

Interviewer: Kathy Dwyer

Best Interview One-Liner: "We are all creatures of habit..."

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S/C Learning Snippets - Let’s Make Staining H&Easy (WS04)

June 14, 2017

Workshop Title: Let's Make Staining H&Easy

Presenters: Brent Heller and Claire Johnson

Interviewer: Jennifer Bull

Best Interview One-Liner: "I really loved Disney...and that workshop!"

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S/C Learning Snippets - Mohs: Fundamentals and Techniques (WS20)

June 7, 2017

Workshop Title: Mohs: Fundamentals and Techniques

Presenters: Jonathon Hetts and Eric Smith

Interviewer: Jamie Pert

Best Interview One-Liner: "The Cliffs of Dover"

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Scientific Poster Advice: Guy Orchard

May 18, 2017

Listen's to Guy Orchard's advice for creating a scientific poster. 


Scientific Poster Advice: Claire Johnson

May 18, 2017

Check out this short clip of Claire Johnson's experience and insight on presnting a poster at the 2016 Annual Symposium/Convention!


Women in Histology: Inspirational Women

March 31, 2017

In this fifth and final episode of NSH’s five part series, Women in Histology, we feature the stories of two inspirational NSH members who not only change the lives of patients in the lab,  but are also touching the lives of their local and global communities in work that they do outside the lab.  Your host for this episode is Lavinia Ray and she sat down with Beth Cox and Amanda Kelly.  See their bios below and enjoy the episode!


Lavinia Ray is the Pathology Supervisor at Southern Research and has made a tremendous impact in the field of histology and necropsy. She is a highly-dedicated professional who knows how to motivate her staff to strive for excellence and continue the learning process.


Beth Cox is a consultant with Premier, Inc, a healthcare improvement service, and assists Anatomic Pathology departments nationwide in managing growth and change. As a Specialist in Cytotechnology and a Histotechnologist, her specialties include workflow management, CLIA, CAP, and IHC validation. Beth is a frequent presenter on the state and national level and has held numerous board positions in the MSC and MSH. She has been an author in recent editions of Bancroft's Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques and Histotechnology, A Self-Instructional Text, and is active in the Global Health Outreach with medical missions to Managua, Nicaragua.


Amanda Kelley has a BS degree in Biology from St. Louis University.  She started her career as a microbiologist working for the USDA and had an opportunity in this lab to rotate between chemistry, Microbiology and Histology.  It was during this time she decided that her true love was histology and began her career that would bring her to her current role as the manager of the Dermatopathology Center at Washington University in St. Louis.  She became active in politics in the mid 2000’s when Missouri asked for state licensure of medical technicians but they refused to recognize histotechnicians and histotechnologists as professionals.  Since then she has  been a constant advocate for the profession, and has successfully helped shape policies that benefit histology and other important causes.


Women in Histology: Work-Life Balance

March 24, 2017

Work-Life balance, it’s the thing most of us work hardest to achieve, yet there is no certificate or diploma to signify success.  In this episode Kathy Dwyer and Kim Simmons, two extremely successful women in the histology profoession talk about how they have managed to do it all-  a successful career, family, and volunteering.  Grace Jenson, who is your host for this episode, is no stranger to the balancing act herself.  She is an HTL working at the Mayo Clinic and just started her MBA program.  Enjoy their stories and great tips!

 Kathy Dwyer             Kim Simmons       Grace Jenson

 DwyerKathy.jpg      SimmonsKim.jpg    JensonGrace.jpg


Women in Histology: Women Business Owners

March 17, 2017

In this episode of Women in Histology two of NSH's most well-known members Ada Feldman and Elizabeth Chlipala talk about what its like owning a small business in the histology community.  There discussion covers everything from how they got started to work philosophies. 

AdaFeldman.jpg Ada is the CEO and cofounder of Anatech Limited.  ANATECH LTD. has been creating innovative products for the histopathology laboratory since 1984.  They have a unique product line of fixing, processing and staining fluids intended to produce the high quality preparations for light microscopy with either greater safety, better efficacy, or both.  In addition Ada leads Anatech as a company internationally known for educational, professional and research contributions to the field of histotechnology.


Elizabeth Chlipala is partner and founder of Premier Laboratory, LLC.   Premier Laboratory is a GLP compliant contract research organization with the experience and expertise to process both standardized and specialized histology samples from the most demanding studies.  It offers customized  histology, immunohistochemistry, and is an industry leader and innovator in digital pathology offering high through put whole slide scanning services and customized image analysis solutions to its clients. Premier’s focus on strict process control ensures the delivery of relevant, consistent, and reproducible histopathology data.
Liz would like to thank her husband Jim Kerrins for his encouragement and support through the years.