Histology Careers: Job Seeking in the Lab: Episode 4: University of Texas Medical Branch

April 25, 2018

Episode Title: University of Texas Medical Branch

Featuring: Amy Davis

Amy’s Career Advice: “There are so many options for people who want to be a histotechs, whether it’s a private lab, university, hospital setting, or even specialty laboratories, so its just the person understanding what they like and exploring the options available”

Episode Description: In this episode, Amy Davis, from University of Texas Medical Branch discusses the impact of Hurricane Harvey on her lab, and shares her own story of how she became a histotech, and the many opportunities that are available for advancement within the histology field.


Histology Careers: Job Seeking in the Lab: Episode 3: Bridgeport Hospital, Yale New Haven Health System

April 24, 2018

Episode Title: Bridgeport Hospital, Yale Newhaven Health System

Featuring: Angela McNabola

Angela’s Career Advice: “I need my employees to be champions of what they want to do in their career. I have folks interested in cross training, I do whatever I can to engage that and move that along.”

Episode Description: In this episode, Angela McNabola, from Bridgeport Hospital discusses how she encourages her employees to be the “champions of their own careers” by encouraging them to become cross trained in various disciplines and apply for the many management and other training courses offered through the hospital system.


Histology Careers: Job Seeking in the Lab: Episode 2: ACL Laboratories Wisconsin

April 22, 2018

Episode Title: ACL Laboratories-Wisconsin

Featuring: Janet McKnight

Janet’s Advice for Becoming a Histologist: “I would recommend becoming a lab assistant, we have seen so much success learning that foundation as a lab assistant at the ground level, so they understand what the work would be, so they’re not investing that time in a school before they really know what they want to be.”

Episode Description: In this episode, Janet McKnight, the Director of Anatomic Pathology for Wisconsin ACL Laboratories, discusses how ACL’s training practices have helped them keep their lab staffed, while so many suffer shortages. ACL has been lucky enough to have their own histology school, which has helped them grow their lab assistants into full time histotechs, through the school’s one-year program.


Histology Careers: Job Seeking in the Lab: Episode 1: Johns Hopkins Hospital

April 20, 2018

Episode Title: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Featuring: Katina Williams Stewart

Katina's Requirements to Work in Histology: "Having that type of personality, where you don’t mind being around people”

Episode Description: In this episode, Katina, the lab manager at Johns Hopkins Hospital, discusses the challenges of working in a large, fast paced laboratory, her struggles retaining qualified staff, and the importance of a good attitude in the workplace.


AwardsCast 2018: Episode 5: Tips for a Winning Application

February 9, 2018

Episode Title: Tips for a Winning Application

Featuring NSH Members: Liz Chlipala

In this episode, NSH Awards Committee Chair, Liz Chlipala, concludes the Awardscast Series, with some insider tips for submitting a winning application.

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AwardsCast 2018: Episode 4-Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship

February 8, 2018

Episode Title: Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship

Featuring NSH Members: LaVinia Ray and Debra Wood

In this episode, LaVinia Ray sits down with the 2017 recipient of the Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship, Debbie Wood, to discuss her plans to start a histology lab at a leprosy hospital in Nepal.

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AwardsCast 2018:Episode 3-Scholarships for New Members

February 7, 2018

Episode Title: Scholarships for New Members

Featuring NSH Members: Monty Hyten and Allison Carrion

In this episode, PR Chair, Monty Hyten talks with Allison Carrion, recipient of the 2017 Thermo Fisher Scientific Educational Scholarship, about the scholarship opportunities available for new members, and the ways in which Allison has become involved in NSH over the last year.

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AwardsCast 2018: Episode 2: Scholarships for Continuing Education

February 6, 2018

Episode Title: Scholarships for Continuing Education

Featuring NSH Members: Julie Trejo

In this episode, Julie Trejo, recipient of the 2015 Frank J. Monek Scholarship and the 2017 Leica Leadership in Management Scholarship, discusses her career path, and the role of NSH scholarships in her decision to attend Fontbonne University and pursue higher education.

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AwardsCast 2018: Episode 1-Newcomer Helping Hand

February 3, 2018

Episode Title: Newcomer Helping Hand Scholarship

Featuring NSH Members: Beth Cox and Christina White

In this episode, Christina White, recipient of the Newcomer Helping Hand Scholarship, shares her plans for creating a histology mentorship program in New Jersey inner city schools.

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P-37 An Automated Approach to Multiplex, Fluorescent, In Situ Hybridization for mRNA Detection

December 11, 2017

This podcast is part of the 2017 NSH Symposium/Convention Poster Podcast Series.  The lead author of this poster is Dylan Steiner. For more information on the author and to view the abstract, visit The Block.