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Women in Histology: Mentor-Mentee Relationships

March 10, 2017

For many the word mentor is heard regularly around the office, professional development workshops, and lists that provide career advancing tips. But does finding a mentor or being a mentor really make a difference in a person’s career?  To answer that question we asked some of our members who are engaged in these supportive relationships to share their stories and tips.

The first interview is with Lois Anderson and Janice Alvarez, who reflected on the supportive relationship they developed over the years while working together at Johns Hopkins.  While Lois describes that she was mentored by Janice, Janice shares the lessons she has learned from Lois.  It’s a honest conversation that really helps illustrate a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

We also spoke with Sarah Mack, our NSH Hard Tissue Committee Chair.  She shared her story on how being mentored has advanced and changed her career and her thoughts on why its important for others to mentor and share the knowledge.

Last, but not least Diane Sterchi, the NSH president gave her tips on ways to be a successful mentor based on the experiences she has had. 

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Lois Anderson & Janice Alvarez  Sarah Mack   Diane Sterchi 


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